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Ronald Hillock, M.D. Identifies New Treatment Option for Knee Arthritis

Millions of patients suffer from knee pain due to arthritis and Ronald Hillock, M.D is on the forefront of research to identify new treatment options for his patients. Dr. Hillock’s most recent research studied injections of Platelet Rich Plasma combined with Eufflexxa® (a synthetic preparation of hyaluronic acid joint lubricant) as a treatment for knee arthritis.

Dr. Hillock presented his outcomes at the 2013 Western Orthopedic Association Meeting in Lake Tahoe. Dr. Hillock’s research consisted of 25 volunteer subjects. Of the 25, 20 patients were able to complete the 6-month study. All patients that completed the study had a dramatic reduction in knee pain without any significant adverse reactions.

This study opens a new clinical treatment option in the fight to manage knee pain caused by arthritis.

To learn more about the clinical research projects lead by Dr. Hillock, contact Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center today at 702-258-3773.

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