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Adeline’s Story


Problem: Trouble bending and moving
Result: Walking care free again

After 2 years of instability, I realized something was happening with my body when I couldn’t bend at my waist on my right side and my left leg was bending inward and touching my other leg.

I put off the problem to take care of my husband until he passed away in late 2015. At 78 years old, I did not want to put a burden on my children, so I got in touch with Ronald W. Hillock, M.D.. After taking an MRI and x-rays, the results showed I needed a total right hip replacement. I had the surgery performed on July 6, 2016 and the operation was a success and was able to bend again with determination and therapy.

After 6 months my leg was in bad shape and had an MRI and x-rays done and showed I needed a total left knee replacement.. I had the surgery performed on January 9, 2017 and was pleased with the outcome.

After 2 weeks of surgery, I was able to put aside my cane and walker and pursued therapy. I am happy to say thank you to Dr. Hillock and Deanna Rechtzigel, APRN and I highly recommend them to my friends and family and am happy to look in the mirror again.

Thank you, Adeline Coppola


Adeline with her cat

Adeline with her cat


Adeline with her cat