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David’s Story


Problem: Spina Bifida, Diastematomyelia
Result: Daily activities without facing debilitating pain

David was born with a rare form of Spina Bifida, Diastematomyelia, and thus had experienced Osteoarthritis and congenital problems throughout his body for the majority of his life. At many times it was even hard to walk without some sort of pain, which led to difficulty in taking care of daily tasks. At the age of 45, he determined that the issues he was experiencing had gone on for too long and decided to seek the assistance of Michael S. Bradford, M.D.

At the initial meeting with Dr. Bradford, David explained that his right knee was the primary source of issues. The first course of action at that point was to do a minor surgery for a torn meniscus, with the high possibility of a future surgery. While the pain subsided for a period, within a short amount of time it was back with a vengeance, oftentimes causing David to lose the ability to walk. After an examination, it was determined that a full knee replacement was needed.

After the surgery, David recovered in a rehab facility for about nine days. During that time, he says that Dr. Bradford visited him in the “wee hours of the morning,” just to be sure that he was doing well and healing nicely. David says that he never felt uncomfortable, making the recovery that much easier. “The support of Dr. Bradford is beyond belief,” he says. “He is so easy to talk to…and takes his time you and explained things on my level.”

Several years later, David found that his Spina Bifida had caused his right leg to bend at a 45 degree angle. Once again, walking on that foot was nearly unbearable, and he was told that a surgery would be necessary to straighten the leg. Dr. Bradford explained that he could make a cut in the hamstring behind his knee, causing the leg to straighten. However, due to the nature of David’s Spina Bifida, it wasn’t a guaranteed fix, and it would take time after recovery to be certain. After eight weeks in therapy and rehab, David says “every one of Dr. Bradford’s surgeries have worked to the full extent he hoped for,” and that his leg has since straightened out as much as possible.

David has seen Dr. Bradford for another knee replacement since then, and continues to check in with him to ensure he is in great shape. As he says, “my quality of life would be zilch without Dr. Bradford.” Today, David goes about his daily activities as normal without facing debilitating pain. However, if his pain ever flares up, he trusts in the fact that Dr. Bradford will be there for him. “I know, with my rare condition of Spina Bifida, that Dr. Bradford will fix me and take care of me and value me.”