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Patricia’s Story


Problem: Rotator cuff tear with impingement and arthritis
Result: Sleeping well again at night

At 57 years old, Patricia was not expecting daily tasks like raising her arm to put a shirt on or working her job to cause problems. However, due to a sharp pain in her right shoulder, she found certain things like sleeping throughout the night nearly impossible.

In early 2016, Patricia was receiving a few various treatments from a chiropractor to help ease the pain. After the treatments proved to not be worthwhile, it was suggested that she go to an orthopedic center for a second opinion. Ultimately, after a series of x-rays, it was determined that Patricia was dealing with a complete rotator cuff tear and would need surgery in order to prevent pain from flaring up.

After experiencing a less than desirable situation with another practice during the scheduling of her first surgery, Patricia sought the help of Brad Baker, M.D., following a recommendation from her husband. Within two and half months from her initial meeting with Dr. Baker, Patricia was waking up from surgery and preparing to get back to normal life. She even said that while she remembers Dr. Baker saying “this will hurt a little,” there was no pain.

Patricia made a full recovery, and says the whole ordeal was “quick and painless” from start to finish. “Dr. Baker is caring, knowledgeable, and very supportive,” she says. Even though the initial process got off to a rocky start, she says that Dr. Baker got her back on course in no time, stating “he didn’t prolong the time, he just got right in there and did what had to be done to make me feel better.” After dealing with something as severe as a rotator cuff tear with impingement and arthritis, Patricia says “if you’re looking for an orthopedic (surgeon), Dr. Baker is the one!”