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I've Been Hurt on the Job: What Should I Do?

I've Been Hurt on the Job: What Should I Do?

Getting hurt on the job is common. According to the National Safety Council, 2.7 million workplace injuries and illnesses are reported annually.

A workplace injury can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Not only are you dealing with the pain and discomfort of your injury, but you may also be worried about how it will impact your job and finances. If you get injured at work, it's important to take action as soon as possible. 

At Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center, our team offers diagnosis and treatment for work-related injuries. 

Most common workplace injuries causing time off from work

Getting hurt on the job can cause you to miss time from work. The most common workplace injuries include:

Here's what you need to know about getting hurt at work in Nevada and the steps to take to ensure workers' compensation insurance covers your valid work injury.

Evaluate your injury

Your health and safety are your first concern. Seek first aid or emergency medical care if needed. Our team at Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center is experienced in workers' compensation injuries and can diagnose and treat your condition while also providing your employer with the timely information they need to get you back to work sooner.

Inform your employer

Once any immediate health care or emergency medical care is taken care of, the first step is to notify your employer and file a report. Nevada workers' compensation laws require that you report your work injury to your employer within seven days. Your employer should have you fill out a Form C-IV, Notice of Injury, or accident report form. The form helps document the injury and ensure that you receive the appropriate care.

Even if you don't think your injury is severe, it's essential to have it evaluated by a doctor. 

Many injuries can become more severe over time, and getting prompt treatment can help prevent complications. It's also important to get an accurate diagnosis to plan for the appropriate level of care. You have 90 days to visit the doctor and file a workers’ compensation claim.

Schedule a workers' compensation appointment

Our workers' compensation departments in Henderson and Las Vegas allow online and phone appointment requests. Our Las Vegas office also offers the Fast Track Clinic for same-day visits for patients with acute injuries. Let us help you heal from your workplace injury and get you back on your feet and safely on the job as soon as possible.

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