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Benefits of an Outpatient Hip or Knee Replacement

A hip or knee replacement is seen as a last resort that is used when non-surgical treatments have failed. But for the right patient, advances in technology have made it possible for a person to forgo an overnight stay in the hospital. Outpatient joint replacement surgeries are growing in popularity. In fact, researchers expect that over half of all joint replacement surgeries will be outpatient procedures by 2026.

Why Choose an Outpatient Joint Replacement?

Although a traditional inpatient hip or knee replacement can be beneficial for some patients, many physicians are recommending the outpatient procedure for the right candidates. The main benefits of an inpatient hip or knee replacement include:

Who Is the Ideal Outpatient Surgery Candidate?

Same day surgery is not recommended for everyone. The right patient for an outpatient hip or knee surgery is someone who is:

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