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5 Common Mistakes Patients Make When Getting a Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgeries are a safe and effective way to help patients improve mobility, have less pain, and resume normal activities. In fact, many patients often wonder why they waited so long to finally address their pain.

On the other hand, there are those who are less than satisfied with their decision, and here are some of the biggest mistakes that led them to that unfortunate result.

Some Patients Neglect Their Due Diligence

When buying a brand new car most people take their time before deciding. They look at all the models, the gas mileage, resale value, plus many other variables. Having knee replacement surgery is a major undertaking and surely more life altering than a shiny new car.

Choose a surgeon with excellent credentials. Take the time to find out about their reputation, read reviews, and check their experience with knee replacement surgery. Ask lots of questions. Find out how long recovery will take and what is expected of you.

An extra tip is to note the “infection rate” at the facility where the surgery will be performed.

Some Patients Are Too Eager

This follows closely with due diligence. Jumping into a surgical procedure without all the facts or neglecting to follow certain recommendations can turn out to be a major mistake. Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center may suggest that you begin an exercise regimen or work with a physical therapist to strengthen your legs, muscles, and core.

You may even find that surgery may not be necessary with these more conservative alternatives, though you may never know these benefits if you are too excited about skipping ahead of the process.

Some Patients Have Unrealistic Expectations

This is a common issue with any surgical procedure. If you expect to return to your normal physical activities a few days after surgery, think again. Recovery is a lengthy process, and most knee replacement patients take 6 months to a year for full recovery.

Ask Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center very specific questions about the timeline of your recovery so you are not disappointed. Understand the rehabilitation necessary to get you mobile again. You will get there, it just may take longer than you think.

Some Patients Disregard Prep Recommendations

One of the more common medical recommendations you will hear prior to a knee replacement is that the patient should lose some weight.

If a patient is overweight, obese, or morbidly obese, losing weight before the surgery will dramatically improve their recovery. In addition, maintaining a healthy weight can also help prevent future problems.

Some Patients Neglect the Hard Work

Just as some patients don’t follow through on pre-surgical recommendations, other patients don’t commit to their rehab afterwards. Your surgeon is only half of the equation. Patients must play their part too.

If you don’t complete the exercises and physical therapy required to re-establish adequate range of motion, you will never be satisfied with the results. Expect your rehab will take time, and you will probably experience pain at first as you perform the exercises. It takes a full commitment from start to finish.

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