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10 Reasons Why It’s Time to Have a Hip Replacement

Having hip replacement surgery is mainly up to the patient. Nevertheless, it is a serious surgery and the decision to move forward should be made in consultation with your doctor.

When the pain incapacitates you, it may then be time for surgery. However, there are a few other signs that may indicate that it’s time to have a hip replacement.

A Word About the Conservative Approach

Many doctors will caution patients about jumping into surgery too quickly. It’s important to be aware of the benefits and also the many risks that are associated with any surgical procedure. Before the decision is made to have surgery, Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center may suggest you lose weight, engage in physical therapy, take anti-inflammatory medications, or perhaps try steroid injections.

Once those pre-surgical approaches do not provide relief from pain, it may be time to discuss the appropriateness of surgery.

Is It Time for You to Have a Hip Replacement?

A hip replacement should improve your quality of life, help you to recover lost mobility, and get relief from the pain. The amount of pain, the duration, how persistent it is, and if it keeps you from enjoying life all contribute to the primary reasons why someone might want a hip replacement.

The following are additional reasons to have hip replacement surgery:

What Should I Do Now?

You and Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center must look at how well you would tolerate the surgery based on your age, general health, and bone density. Discuss with your physician the benefits and risks of the surgery and make your decision in consultation with the expert.

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