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Signs That It Is Time For A Knee Replacement

If you hear that click and pop from your knee when you get up from a chair, it could be one of the signs that it is time for a knee replacement. If your activities are limited and the pain keeps you from enjoying life, it could be time to speak to Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center about knee replacement surgery.

Is Your Knee Pain Limiting The Activities You Love?

Do you love to be out in your garden planting and weeding, but your knee pain prevents you from getting down to do simple chores?

Maybe you love to ride your bike around the neighborhood, but now the bike has been in the garage for a year untouched.

Perhaps you miss playing with your grandchildren, participating in a softball game with friends, bowling on your church team, or traveling and sightseeing. But unfortunately, all these life pleasures have been taken away from you due to your painful knee.

The pain could be from aging, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis, but know you are not alone. Half a million Americans opt for knee replacement surgery each year.

First Step: Have A Conversation With Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center

Knee Pain

After a thorough examination and conversation with your orthopedic doctor, they may recommend more conservative treatments before jumping into surgery.

They could include the following:

These intermediate treatments work for many people, and they begin to enjoy their normal activities again without restriction and with little or no pain.

When Is It Time?

Lots of people go through therapy and injections and find their quality of life improves. Others, unfortunately, do not.

If you find yourself retreating from life, needing a cane to get around, and experiencing pain even when you are not using your knee, it just might be the right time to seriously explore knee replacement surgery.

Things to consider should include the following:

Contact Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center at (702) 258-3773 or request an appointment online if you want to begin your conversation about a knee replacement.

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