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Meet Our Providers: John J. Kastrup, M.D.

At Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center, all of our Orthopedic Surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained in their respective specialties. We offer quality health care you can trust. As a patient, it is important to learn about the orthopedic surgeon that you are visiting at our office.

Join us for our new blog series, “Meet Our Providers” to learn more about our providers and their specialties.


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John J. Kastrup, M.D. has been a valued member of Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center since December of 2009, where he specializes in minimally invasive hip and knee replacements, including the new partial knee replacement. Dr. Kastrup was one of the first surgeons in the U.S. to provide minimally invasive hip replacements. Dr. Kastrup practices with the most current techniques in joint replacement, utilizes the rapid recovery protocol and uses cutting edge pain management techniques allowing patients to recover from surgery without using intravenous narcotics. Dr. Kastrup supports the Arthritis Foundation, and is dedicated in his practice to finding a cure for the disease.

Dr. Kastrup received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati. While attending university, Dr. Kastrup was involved with the original pioneer research on Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction of the Knee. Dr. Kastrup received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1988. During medical school, Dr. Kastrup did research focused on Mallet Finger Injuries and his outcomes are referenced in multiple orthopedic textbooks.

After medical school, Dr. Kastrup completed his Orthopedic Internship and Residency at Hamot Medical Center in Erie, PA from1988-1993. He completed an additional year of subspecialty fellowship training at the Cleveland Clinic in Adult Reconstructive Surgery where his fellowship involved the treatment of arthritis and joint replacement for the Shoulder, Hip and Knee.

John J. Kastrup, M.D. was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Request an appointment with John J. Kastrup, M.D. here or call 702-258-3773

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