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Meet Our Providers: Bradley S. Baker, M.D.

At Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center, all of our Orthopedic Surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained in their respective specialties. We offer quality health care you can trust. As a patient, it is important to learn about the orthopedic surgeon that you are visiting at our office.

Join us for our new blog series, “Meet Our Providers” to learn more about our providers and their specialties.


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Bradley S. Baker, M.D. joined Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center in 2010. Dr. Baker is uniquely double-board certified in Orthopedic Surgery and in the Subspecialty of Orthopedic Sports Medicine. Dr. Baker is the only Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center physician with this distinction.

As a physician with Nevada Orthopedic and Spine Center, Dr. Baker applies his experience as a team physician and medical supervisor for many athletic organizations at all levels in the care of competitive and recreational athletes and non-athletes with a special focus on shoulder or knee problems.

Dr. Baker holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Chemistry from Concordia College. He received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. After completing his Orthopedic Surgery Residency at the University of Kansas – Wichita, Dr. Baker pursued an additional year of specialized fellowship training in Orthopedic Sports Medicine at the Taos Orthopedic Institute where he worked with the United States Ski and Snowboard Team medical staff.

After completing his medical training, Dr. Baker practiced in Sioux Falls, SD as an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the treatment of knee, shoulder, sports injuries and fractures while serving as team physician for several professional, collegiate and high school sports teams and organizations.

Dr. Bradley Baker’s experience in his field extends to the academic work, where he has served as a clinical professor at the medical school, provided orthopedic care for the level-2 trauma center hospital and was an integral part of building the respected sports medicine program in Sioux Falls. He spent several years in a small, specialized practice in Arizona before joining the Nevada Orthopedic and Spine Center team.

Bradley S. Baker, M.D. is originally from Fargo, North Dakota.

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