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Could You Have a Disc Disorder?

Many assume their back pain to be a regular part of daily life, but it could be something more. There are a variety of specific medical conditions that can affect the back, and cause an individual to experience anything from dull aches to sharp bolts of pain.

Among the most common sources of back pain are former sports injuries, overuse, and muscle spasms, but the most prevalent cause is actually a disc disorder.

What is a Disc Disorder?

There are lots of different types of disc disorders that an individual can suffer from:

The body’s natural reaction to a disc disorder is to lock up and immobilize the affected area to keep it from suffering further damage. This constraint is often interpreted by patients as tightness or spasms of their muscles, and so they rarely seek necessary treatment until their symptoms worsen over time.

How Can Nevada Orthopaedic & Spine Center Help with a Disc Disorder?

If you start to experience muscle spasms, you should start by applying ice to the area every 20 minutes or so to dull the pain. If spasms continue to occur after 72 try to treat the area using a heating pad or by soaking in a tub full of warm water.

Any spasms or back pains that persist after these preliminary treatments should be assessed by a licensed professional, as they are likely being caused by a disc disorder.

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