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Non Operative Management of Arthritis with Dr. Ronald Hillock- Part Six

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with OA of the knee or hip (or both) there are several non-operative medical treatment options that should be used before considering surgery. These options are weight loss, medications, exercise through physical therapy, injections, alternative medicine in the treatment of osteoarthritis, and bracing and foot wear.

Non-Operative Management Option 6: Bracing and Foot Wear


There are many different designs of braces for use in the treatment of OA of the Knee. These devices work by providing support to the knee while shifting the load to uninvolved portions of the joint.[1] The specific brace that is right for each situation must be determined by physical exam, radiographic images and careful consideration by the prescribing healthcare professional. Unfortunately bracing is not a realistic option of pain relief in arthritis of the hip.

Foot Wear

Many vendors produce foot wear with extra cushioning in the heel to minimize the pain of contact or ground reaction force. Unfortunately these are usually not covered by Medicare or insurance plans.

What is my next step?

If after several months of non-operative management of hip and/or knee arthritis you or your loved one still has joint pain that is altering their quality of life and lifestyle, then you should open the conversation about joint replacement. Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement are great surgeries with excellent success rates. The vast majority of patients who have undergone total joint surgery would recommend the surgery to their friends or family members.

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