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Non-Operative Management of Arthritis with Dr. Ronald Hillock- Part Five

Ronald W. Hillock, M.D.

Alternative Medicine in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis

All possible treatments should be considered following a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. There are many options that a patient can consider that are categorized as alternative medicine like Glucosamine, Acupuncture, Electrotherapy, and Copper jewelry.


Glucosamine is a dietary supplement that is frequently reported in the media as a treatment option for patient with osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, actual reported literature has not supported this recommendation and most studies have found supplements to be equal to or only slightly better than placebo in the treatment of arthritis related pain[i][ii][iii][iv]. Some patients; however, feel positive effects on their joints when taking this supplement.


Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of pain associated with OA, but sadly this therapy has not been proven to be better than placebo in long term outcomes [v].


Electrotherapy or TENS units have been used in multiple studies over the last twenty years with no documented improvement in pain or function in patients with OA[vi]. Use of this treatment provides an analgesic effect while the device is in use.


Copper jewelry and garments have been advocated as a noninvasive treatment option in osteoarthritis for decades. My own family has used these devices with anecdotal success. I can not explain the mechanism of action but if it works for you, than it is a success [vii].

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